12 Step Recovery Program Meeting Addiction to Cigarettes

12 Step Recovery Program Meeting – Addiction to Cigarettes
Sociology 3382
Karen Hernandez
March 11, 2011
12 Step Recovery Program Meeting – Addiction to Cigarettes
A recovery meeting is a place where strangers can go to and participate in a process that will help them get over their addiction(s). Not all meetings are the same. In some meetings, participation is completely up to the attendants and in others, it is possible that the group leader can call on you. The thinking is that the group can hear someone else share rather than hearing the same people talk. Some meetings could be purely discussion driven and others could be listening meetings. The only rule is to remain respectful. This means no judging, no phones and no talking while others are. Recently, I attended a recovery meeting for people addicted to smoking cigarettes. This is my impression.
I live in Baytown, TX, a surrounding community of Houston and the meeting I chose to go to was in my hometown. It takes place every Sunday at 10:30AM in a portable building. It may also be confused with a cabin. I probably arrived about fifteen minutes before the meeting started. I was sitting in a chair near the other side of the room so as people came in, only a few had made it over to my side to say hello. I would probably say half of the people near me greeted me. Some of the people sat in silence, waiting for meeting to start but most of them chatted. I assume the ones who chatted were regulars. Most of the attendees were middle-aged people who were trying to learn how to live healthy because cigarettes have slowed them down and are ruining their chance at a better life. More than half where white and the others were black or of other minorities and most were men. Since I had to go off appearance, most of the people came across as poor to middle class. The cars they drove were also a good indication to my conclusion. Because I assumed most of the people in attendance were…

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