A rose for Emily

Reeves Reynolds
23 April 2014
The idea of continuous flowing thoughts and the organizational methods of the brain have been a mystery unsolved by all humans. To form a literary concept of such an ideal is an intricate and interesting technique in itself. William Faulkner, author of A Rose for Emily, progresses his idea of “stream of consciousness” through the story. The chronological difference that exists in the narration of the story portrays his articulate style of writing, while containing often subtle and subliminal meanings. The book begins with the funeral of Emily Grierson, an infamous resident of the town. The narrator describes how Grierson was exempt of her taxes, thanks in part to the town’s mayor. The Grierson’s past that of vast wealth, and the narrator talks about the change from a renowned family to a two person clan of her and her father. It transgresses into the loss of Grierson’s father, which is the reason for her exemption from taxes. The reason for the exemption is because the town believes Emily to be in a severe grieving process. Homer Barron is the next character introduced, becoming friendly with Emily. The two begin talks of marriage and Barron goes missing. She remains reclusive, unwilling to pay her taxes, and proceeds to save the informal deal she once made. To finish the story, Emily dies and the townspeople find the body of Barron decomposed in her bed. The characters, point of view, and plot intertwine to create a dark, but surprisingly appealing storyline.
Often, the personality and emotions of a character can give an entire book a certain perspective. In Faulkner’s short story, he takes an awkward approach at describing the life of what would, ordinarily, be a stereotypical southern girl. The premise of her character is that her father has given her a visual of who he expects her to eventually marry. Through the subtlety of the story, it is easy to see that Emily does not follow in such a format, disregarding her…

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