I have more than 3 years’ of experience in Global Project management and Supply Chain at Pharmaceutical industry. My recent Job was at Allergan as Principal specialist in supply chain Planning. I led end-to-end cold and ambient supply chain process for 12 Global Botox projects [USD 5M+] including planning, forecast, budget, implementation, monitoring, completion, and follow-up. Implement tools, techniques and processes to provide or create information to enable informed decision making within different teams such as Clinical operation, CMC, QA/QC and external vendors. I have to support a range of day to day and longer term operational and improvement activities to meet current and future business needs such as defining the process flow, supply requirements and propose optimal packaging strategies, forecast study and compound supply needs which indeed need close communication with the entire team comprises both internal departments and external vendors. I have also responsible for managing vendors and incorporating service level agreements.
I worked as Technical Consultant at Alliance Boots (UK) where I was being recruited to lead a fast track project to review and approve 400 new healthcare proprietary products. I coordinate with internal stakeholder such as departmental specialist and legal representative to seek regulatory advice and communicate to the commercial suppliers in terms of any change required to satisfy the EU regulation. My primary role is to support Global Sourcing, Trading and coordinate with different other departments to support the overall delivery of the project.
Prior to Boots I worked in AstraZeneca (UK) as Supply Chain Study Manager. I was responsible for managing supplying medication to 2 different Global Phase III and Phase IIa Studies one of which include including 22 different nations with 7 Depots and I was the single point of contact with regards to any IMP supply planning. I was also responsible for defining…

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