American Dream

The American Dream
A merica is the land of opportunity.
M any people move to America to fulfill their dreams.
E quality is an ideal of the United States.
R ags to riches is what most people dream of.
I immigrants come here to fulfill their dream.
C harity and decency is found in America.
A lways pursue your dream.
N ever give up trying to achieve your goal.
D etermination is needed to reach one’s goals.
R esources are a result of hard work.
E verybody’s American Dream can be different.
A life of happiness is all I want.
M y American Dream is just to be able to make a difference in this world. 300 years ago, people crossed the Atlantic Ocean to fulfill their American Dream. They dreamt of a place they could call home, where they could be free to do what they wanted to do. 300 years later, the American Dream has not died. The Dream goes on, but now it has taken a different connotation. Now, people associate the American Dream with monetary success and global fame. How amazing would it be to be the person that everyone knows and admires for his wealth and character? It would be pretty awesome, right? But what are the odds that that person is going to be you“You can be whatever you want in America.” So many people in this world believe these words. But no matter how much you try, you are never guaranteed to accomplish your goal. For this reason, I have dreamed of my future much more differently than what most people would. While most people would want to be a successful business man or an Academy Award winning actor, my dream is just to be able to make a difference in this world. To me the “American Dream” is not just a dollar sign, or desk nametag, but the ability to walk into a room or a home, and know that your presence is welcomed and looked forward to. The dream is realizing that in America, we have the resources to make an honest difference.

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