Australian identity

Year 11-Advanced English Preliminary Assessment Task One
Tiana Lackey
1. John Glover Natives on the Ouse River, Van Diemen’s Land 1838
This picture presents the untouched identity of Indigenous Australians. This picture is uniquely Australian because of the unique Australian landscape that it presents; it shows the landscape as unending and uninterrupted by modern buildings and structures. The use of silhouettes creates mystery in the figures the artwork presents, it creates the image that the mystery figures that inhabited the land were not of great importance and had little impact on the world around them, but co existed peacefully with the environment surrounding them. This image represents the peacefully nature of the Aboriginal Australians who are the beginning of Australian identity as well as presenting the natural Australian landscape that has become a crucial part of Australian identity.Word count: 1172. Denis Gibbons, C Company, 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) during Operation Federal, 16 February 1969 photograph presents the ANZACS. The Anzac spirit has been integrated into the identity of all Australians. The photo presents Australian soldiers under threat, it shows the soldiers covering each other from behind, and shows that even in life threatening situations the Anzacs stick together. The photograph presents the soldiers as faceless, creating an image where the figures could be anyone. The spirit of the Anzacs, and the characteristic of “mateship” that Australians found during the war has become a part of Australian identity. Australian identity has come to incorporate the spirit of mateship that came through the spirit of the Anzacs, always having each other’s backs and sticking together in the gravest of situations.Word count: 115
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