Barack Obama’s Philosophy

Obama’s Philosophy Political and Personal Ebonee Harris Rev. Snipes Philosophy 1/22/09 Barack Obama has many philosophies that he lives by both personal and political. On a political note, the central point of Barack Obama’s economic plan is to tax the rich in order to give money to the poor. Of course, this is nothing more than the core philosophy of the welfare state. It is also the core principle of socialism. One of President Obama’s Philosophies is the rejection of “either/or” politics for “both/and” politics. The idea is simple it says that Americans recognize that life is rarely about choosing only one of two alternatives, but that the solution to many challenges is to embrace a comprehensive approach. President Obama emphasizes that personal responsibility and the values of character and achievement are undeniably critical to success and progress, but upholding these values are not an excuse for society and government to do nothing. In other words, “conservative” values are not alternatives for “liberal” programs and policies; rather, those values help those very programs and policies succeed. Obama is a family man so another point in his philosophy is to help provide and help families provide for themselves. Obama’s philosophy, there is much that we found significant — and encouraging — in the Chicago speech. Acknowledging that “many Americans may find it tempting to turn inward” after the failures in Iraq and elsewhere, the senator quoted Franklin Roosevelt in saying the United States nevertheless must continue to “lead the world in battling immediate evils and promoting the ultimate good.” Mr. Obama called for a sizable increase in the size of the Army and for the reinforcement of NATO forces in Afghanistan. He said that “no president should ever hesitate to use force — unilaterally if necessary — to protect ourselves and our vital interests when we are attacked or imminently threatened.” Mr. Obama would not retreat from the Middle East:…

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