BAU research

(Section 2)
Agents on a BSU team all need to be able to put together a criminal profile. Criminal profiling is done to create a psychological and not only psychological portrait of the target but also to determine the location of their target by collecting their personal attributes from the crime scene behavior so they can assist in detection of them. Criminal profiling is usually used when an offender’s identity is unknown but the crimes they are committing are serious criminal offences like murder or sexual assault. Agents putting together a profile also work on crime series, which is where it is considered that a crime has been committed multiple times by the same offender. What it is that creates a criminal profile is having a process of profiling that draws on both, physical and nonphysical information. This can include how the crime scene has been left, for example, if there is disposition of the victim and/or the absence of significant items, evidence to show what was done to the victim and possibly the order of events in which the crimes were performed. From this the BSU can determine what the perpetrator’s behavior was like before and after the crime. From this data collected we can now draw about the possible meaning and motivation of the particular acts. For example, if the offender is tying up a victim it could mean a necessity for control, while stabbing the victim before sexual intercourse may mean that they need arousal from pain or blood. Characteristics of the victim, geological position of the crime, possible use of a vehicle, and any relation to previous crimes may give information or clues that could suggest race, age or occupation of the offender. When profiling characteristics of a person, an offender profiler assumes that the offender’s behavior is directed by the way he/she thinks and his/her characteristics. Although, “how they think how they behave” principle is not flawless, because sometimes an offender’s behavior may be…

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