“You have cancer” is something we all never want to hear from our doctor because it means a world of suffering and for most, death. Sadly, over 5 thousand people in North America are diagnosed with cancer every single day. Yes! That means 2 million people per year. Why listen to me in this subject? When I was 7 years old, unfortunately my mother was diagnosed with cancer but luckily it was still at the very beginning. But what’s the first thing you think of when you hear cancer? (Pause and wait) DEATH! That’s why, since then I have invested in so much time of researching about this topic because it could be anyone. Dr.David Brownstein a world-known doctor states that cancer death rates are mostly unchanged in 80 years. For males, doctors have been able to decrease their chances of dying from stomach cancer. However, the death rate for colon cancer is unchanged, for prostate cancer it’s increased and for lung cancer it’s significantly increased. For women, the death rates for colon, uterine, and stomach cancer have decreased. However, the rates are unchanged for breast cancer, and the rates for lung and ovarian cancer have dramatically increased. And for both men and women, the rates for thyroid cancer keep rising more and more. Consider this right NOW, one in 7 women is expected to get breast cancer and one in 3 men is expected to get prostate cancer and one in 3 among the entire population is expected to get some kind of cancer during his or her lifetime.

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