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Coca-Cola, the product that has
giventhe world its best-known taste
was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on
May 8, 1886. Company is the
world’s leading Coca-Cola
manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic
beverage concentrates and
syrups, used to produce
nearly 400 beverage brands.
It sells beverage concentrates
and syrups to bottling and
canning operators,
distributors, fountain retailers
and fountain wholesalers. The
Company’s beverage products
comprises of bottled and canned
soft drinks as well as concentrates,
syrups and not-ready-to-drink
powder products. In addition to
this, it also produces and markets
sports drinks, tea and coffee. The
Coca-Cola Company began
building its global network in the
1920s. Now operating in more
than 200 countries and producing
nearly 400 brands, the Coca-Cola
system has successfully applied a
simple formula on a global scale:
“Provide a moment of refreshment for a small amount of money- a billion times a day.”The Coca-Cola Company and its network of bottlers comprise the most sophisticated and pervasive production and distribution system in the world. More than anything, that system is dedicated to people working long and hard to sell the products manufactured by the Company. This unique worldwide system has made The Coca-Cola Company the world’s premier soft-drink enterprise. From Boston to Beijing, from Montreal to Moscow, Coca-Cola, more than any other consumer product, has brought pleasure to thirsty consumers around the globe. For more than 115 years, Coca-Cola has created a special moment of pleasure for hundreds of millions of…