Chapter 2 of The Great Gatsby

Write about some of Fitzgeralds narrative method in chapter 2
In the second chapter of the novel we are introduced to the Valley of Ashes.The reptition of ‘grey’ and ‘ash-grey’ symbolises the lost hope and destruction of dreams.It also foreshadows the deaths as ashes normally reperesent death.However,it states ‘fantastic farm’ which is strange as it is a complete contrast to the gloominess we have seen.The eyes of Dr.T.J Eckleburg is one of the most important factors within this chapter.It has “enormous yellow spectacles” this might represent the American Dream and how hopeful people within society in the time were to achieve their goals,however there seems to be a ‘nonexistent nose’ which shows that people are being unrealistic just like how there is a face with no nose.There needs to be a nose for the glasses to balance,and without the nose their hopes and passions cannot be fufilled as they have no building blocks or foundation for their hopes to stand for.This character or symbol seems to be very significant as it is brought up again in the novel.On the other hand,it could also symbolise Nick’s character as he sees everything within the novel first-hand,however the lack of ears could show that we can not trust him as a narrator as he did not hear everything accurately and could possibly be exaggerating.Within the second chapter,we also learn more about Tom Buchanan’s character.He appears to be a very controlling character as he is in charge of everything and tends to boss around Nick “We’re getting off now”.Both Myrtle and George are from the Valley of Ashes,however their personalities are completely opposite.George Wilson seems to be a “spiritless man”,this shows that he is not exactly alive,as a spirit is seen as the most important thing about an individual.On the contrast,his wife seems to be a more hopeful character,and is seen as a less elegant version of Daisy.This chapter also makes us feel skeptical towards Nick’s character and…

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