Demographic Transition
Demographic Transition
Demographic transition is basically the developmental stages of the dynamics of a population within a specific area in a country. To put it in other words, it measures the stages from high birth rates and death rates to low birth rates and death rates while a country is developing from a preindustrial economic system to an industrialized economic system (Montgomery).
Four Phases of Demographic Transition
Stage I -Within the first stage of a demographic transition, the birth rates and death rates are high. As you may know, within a developing country one of the reasons the birth rate is high is because of the fact that children are needed in order to keep up with farming and also to look after the elderly. The death rate is high mainly due to the different types of diseases in poor health. The death rate affects all ages.
Stage II – In the second stage of the demographic transition, the birth rate will stay high while the death rate sees signs of that it are decreasing at a rapid pace. The birth rate is still high because of the children that are needed for farming and to still look after the elderly. The rapid pace of the death rate decreasing is due to the types of improvement in medical care and better supply of water and sanitation. In the second stage, fewer children are dying.
Stage III – In this stage of the demographic transition, there has been a rapid decrease in birth rates while the death rate is slowly beginning to decrease. This is mainly due to the improvement of medical technology and the way people are eating and again fewer children are dying.
Stage IV – Within the fourth stage of demographic transition, it becomes the opposite of stage I in which both the birth rate and death rate are decreasing slowly but surely. Birth rate slows mainly due to family planning, health improvement and also the improvement within the status of women. The death rate slows down because people are living…

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