Construct appropriate curriculum

As Gordon and Browne point out the curriculum “is the planned and the unplanned and includes all of the activities as well as the subject matter, the interactions with people, and all of the experiences of the child’s day” (331). So in order to construct an appropriate curriculum, teachers need to be ready to include group activities and also individual instruction according to each child’s experience and necessity. The appropriate curriculum does not let any child behind. On the other hand, it includes all the differences such as children with different cultures and children with disabilities.A current issue that connects to the construction of an appropriate curriculum is the diversity of the classroom. Since teachers work with so many children from different backgrounds and culture, it is hard for the educators to create a curriculum that makes those children participate in class. The language is a big challenge as well . For instance, teachers need to know some words in the child’s native language to communicate with the child.. Moreover, educators should know the child’s culture as well. I remember one of my ECE teacher telling a story about a child who did not celebrate Christmas. The teacher did not know his family did not celebrate Christmas, so she made him take a Christmas tree home, which was completely out of context for this child’s family. Therefore, educators need to talk to children’s parents, do research on children’s different cultures and language, and be ready to create a curriculum that is appropriate for those children as well.I would add another current issue that would be children with learning disabilities. Educators need to observe each child in order to notice any issues that appear during classroom. Creating an activity with writing the alphabet, for example, with a child that has dyslexia is not going to work at all. It is relevant to notice the problem as soon as possible in order to create a curriculum that…

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