Contrast and Comparison Essay

In 2013, 684 movies came out worldwide, but there are many more movies already out that are on DVD for one to take home and watch. This begs the question: Would one rather watch a movie at home or at the movie theater? There are pros and cons for both options. Watching movies at home and in theater are alike and different in many ways.
At both home and the movie theater, one is most likely watching the movie with friends or family. One can have all of the same treats at home that one would have at the movie theater, like popcorn and gummy worms. At home, one might be bored and find a movie on TV, and at the theater, one might be on a date and need something to do.
At home, one would probably watch ones movie on a bed or couch, so it’s more comfortable than the movie theater would probably be. At the movie theater, one doesn’t have to prepare one’s own popcorn or nachos, one orders them and they’re given to them, and at home one has to prepare it oneself. At home, one doesn’t necessarily have to leave the house to watch the movie unless one goes to the movie store to get the movie and maybe some candy and popcorn. The movie theater is fairly expensive, and at home, it’s not necessarily so. One can make it expensive at home, but it doesn’t have to be.
In society today, there are many different ways to watch movies and TV shows in general. It wasn’t always like that, though. In the past a movie would come out to theater and everyone would go and see it. This way, everyone was seeing the movie in the same way, so everyone was seeing the same movies at the same times. Presently, however, one can watch movies and TV almost anywhere with phones and TVs, and one can even illegally watch movies that are still in theaters online.
Movies have a big impact on society. They can make us feel sad, happy, or scared. In some cases, we can relate to the movies we watch. Everyone has his or her favorite movie(s), and the places he or she watches them or the places he or…

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