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Discussion Forum 1 – Part 1
1. Ch.1 – 8 — As area sales manager for a company manufacturing and marketing outboard engines, you have been assigned the responsibility of conducting a research study to estimate the sales potential of your products in the domestic (U.S. or Canadian) market. Discuss key issues and concerns arising from the fact that you, the manager, are also the researcher.
The purpose of the manager and the purpose of the researcher are somewhat opposite of each other. As the manager you want to show that sales potential is high while as the researcher you must show sales potential that is strictly supported by the research and may not show a high sales potential. Because of the opposite nature of the goals of the manager and researcher there is possibly a conflict of interest which could greatly affect the outcome of the research (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, p.17). A researcher must be independent to give the appearance of reliable results.
2. Ch.1 – 10 — Apply the principles in Exhibit 1-4 to the research scenario in question 8.
Purpose clearly defined: Research must present an estimate of the size of the outboard engine market, in sales and units, and an estimate of current market share of all industry participants.
Research process detailed : A research proposal as well as the budget will be approved before the research is conducted and the researcher will report weekly the on progress of the process. Time in which the research will be completed will be X days.
Research designed thoroughly planned : Research will include internal data mining, extensive secondary data search of industry specific sources, as well as interviews with industry experts.
Limitations frankly revealed : Research will focus exclusively on outboard engines of the size currently manufactured or in development.
3. Ch. 3 – 6 — You observe the following condition: “Our female sales representatives have lower customer defections than do our male sales…

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