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Is something that follows a particular flow of rhythm and meter.
The writing of Poet.POET
One who writes poetry.3 Classification of Poetry1. Epic- a long poem that tells the story of a hero’s adventure.
2. Drama- a poetry that tells a story and is performed on a stage.
3. Lyric- a poem that expresses deep personal feeling in a way that is like a song.Elements of Poetrya. Rhythm- The beat created by the sounds of the words in a poem.b. Meter- A pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.
FOOT – unit of meter.
– can have two or three syllables.
Types of feet
Iambic – unstressed , stressed
Trochaic- stressed, unstressed
Anapestic- unstressed, unstressed, stressed
Dactylic- stressed, unstressed, unstressedKinds of Metrical Lines
Monometer- one foot on a line
Dimeter- two feet on a line.
Timeter- three feet on a line
Tetrameter- four feet on a line
Pentameter- five feet on a line
Hexameter- six feet on a line
Heptameter- seven feet on a line
Octometer- eight feet on a linec. Rhyme- words sound alike because they share the same vowel and consonant sounds.
d. Form- the appearance of the words on the page.
Line- a group of words together on one line of the poem.
Stanza- a group of lines arranged together .
Kinds of Stanza
Couplet- 2 lines
Tercet- 3 lines
Quatrain- 4 lines
Cinquain- 5 lines
Sestet- 6 lines
Septet- 7 lines
Octave- 8 lines
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