Does Russia have civil society
Stud. : Torosyan Boris (IFF 1-4(c))Table of contents:
????????Civil society in Russia, Introduction. P. 3
????????History. P. 3-7
????????Russian civil society today. P. 7-9
????????Conclusion and pespectives. P. 9
?????????List of used Information P. 10Civil society in Russia, Introduction.
The term “civil society” in Russia is rarely referred to something other than to the civic organisations and movements created during and after the break-up of the Soviet Union (start of the 1990’s). Never the less this paper will look at the “civil society” term in Russia more widely and insidely.
I will talk more and discuss about our time “civil society”, which came in in the end of the 90’s with the Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s ascension on the presidency. Putin re-established a top-down order in Russia and has proved to be quite antagonistic both to Western foreign policy and to pro-Western civil society groups. However, both capitalism and multiparty democracy continued their uncertain paths in Russia through the last decade. After two terms as president, Putin handed over to Dmitri Medvedev and therefore he built a so called monopoly in the hidden “Dictatorship” in the Russian political sphere. Total domination until the unability of being the ruling force of the country will come in but even then he has a cut back plan of Medvedev and some later chosen candidate, that will help Medvedev make same what Putin did, with getting the presidentship back in his hands as soon as possible. Looking to the future, the paper highlights two main trends.
First, the continuation of Russia’s tradition of civic and political activism, seen most dramatically in the mass demonstrations in Moscow and other cities.
Second, the major steps made by CSOs and local government in implementing social partnership, with new funds from the state that both replace and build on the contributions of foreign donors…

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