Scripting is “the precise specification of actions to be taken by service staff, in particular situations” (Clark & Johnston, 2008, p. 251) and is an essential technique for managing in today’s globalized service environment. In a constantly changing competitive environment the use of scripting in mass service organisations ultimately provides consistency, efficiency and security for customers and employees alike (Clark & Johnston, 2008). This essay will first briefly outline the nature of scripting. Second, this essay will examine the organisation ‘Equip’ and investigate how scripting is used. Using real examples of scripting at Equip it is possible to analyse the disadvantages and advantages of this technique. Overall, this essay will argue that scripting is definitely a vital technique for managing service people and processes. However it has to be approached in a manner that does not offset the autonomy of employees and customers to an extent where the service experience is unpleasant. The term, ‘script’ is a “commonly used tool to design and manage the encounter between frontline service employees and customers” (Victorino, Verma & Wardell, 2008, p. 36). Scripting is often discussed in the context of understanding the service encounter as a performance, much like in the theatre, and so the script provides the lines and actions that employees (as actors) should play when they interact with a customer (Harris et al. 2003).  Scripting is also defined as a “design tool used to exert a degree of control over employee-customer interactions that may take place where there is no direct supervision or oversight” (Tansik & Smith, 1991, p.36). The use of scripting in service organisations aims to ensure a consistent level of service quality by creating procedures that assist employees in their daily tasks (Clark & Johnston, 2008). These procedures are typically a “predetermined set of specific words, phrases, and gestures, as well as…

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