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The Neccesity of Banning Fighting in the NHL
Physical competition has been a staple among human cultures as far back as humans have existed. Original archaeological cave paintings even display different forms of human competition. Centuries later sporting events are still an enormous piece of our culture. Football, baseball, basketball, and the likes have all evolved tremendously from their origins. For example American Football almost came to demise before it even took off, with the sport’s dangerous lack of rules that resulted in numerous deaths. One current sport, however, is still endorsing traditionally harmful gameplay. Although hockey is not among the spectatorship of most American sports, the sport is still a widely viewed and universally known game. With its popularity steadily increasing, including the viewership of young fans, regulation fighting in hockey should not be tolerated. Not only is it unsafe for players, but it promotes unnecessary/illegal violence, distracts players from the game, and is just flat-out unprofessional for an official sports league. The National Hockey League should officially and indefinitely ban fighting from the game.
The easiest point to argue against fighting in the NHL is that it is completely unnecessary. When a player decides to take their rage out on another player’s face in the middle of the game, all it results in is a halt in gameplay. The “winner” of the fight does not gain any points or advantage for their team. It is even argued that fighting in the game can prove to be a significant disadvantage to the team. The economics department at Georgia College & State University did a study in which they diagnosed the impact of penalties on the outcome of hockey games using past statistical data. The study found that, on average, every 100 minutes of penalty time for a team equated to one loss. A perfect example of this would be the Chicago Black Hawks’ 2013…

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