formal vs information communication

COM425 Week 1 Discussions
Discussion 1
Organizational communication can flow in many different directions and can take on various ways of being communicated through formal or informal channels. To illustrate this further, Chapter One of your textbook discusses formal and informal channels of communication. Provide an example of formal communication and an example of informal communication. Which type of communication do your prefer in a work environment? WhyCommunication within any organization can flow in many different directions and can take on various ways of being communicated through formal and/or informal channels of communication at all levels. Formal patterns of organizational communication follow the power hierarchy within organizations as it is found in my workplace. There are three types of formal communication: downward, upward, and horizontal. Downward communication “takes place when organizational leaders communicate down the power hierarchy to subordinate organizational members.” (Kreps, 2011, sec 1.5) For example, downward communication was from this morning’s Commanders staff meeting. Commander gave his “intent” then I forwarded the information/intent/direction downward to the masses as clear, concise, and correctly as possible. Upward communication travels back up the power hierarchy or organizational structure chart. This kind of communication allows members to voice their comments, ideas, and concerns to leadership to better facilitate the mission or strategic plan within an organization. All leaders/mangers should be open to this type of communication. This will assist in streamlining/correcting/improving any program or task. Horizontal communication “refers to messages that are shared between organization members who are on similar levels.” (Kreps, 2011, sec 1.5) In my organization, when downward communication assigns a task to our team, I engage/collaborate with my fellow leader’s to discuss and encourage buy in/participation such…

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