“Will Google’s approach to decision making have positive or negative outcomes?” In my opinion, the problem of decision making process is a fundamental basis of the management. Ability to make administrative decisions develops with experience. Every day we make decisions without systematic reflection. In management, decision-making is a systematic process. The diversity of different approaches that organizations implement in the decision-making process vary from one company to another and implies varied levels of responsibility for the consequences each member takes. (Turban, E. and J.R Meredith, 1985)
Google Inc. adapts quite flexible approach towards decision-making process. Why is it so? The staff of the well-known corporation is highly professional and skilled. However, Google is a multicultural organization, where employees came from different backgrounds and speak a dozen of languages, reflecting the global audience that it serves. The main goal is to share common goals and visions for the company. In order to reach mutual solution to any challenge, the leadership style of the company should maintain the open culture in relationship between all members regardless their status and position within the organization. Google Inc. organizes different meetings over emails, video conference, weekly meeting in relax zones which encourage people to think creatively and share outstanding ideas. It spurs interaction between Googlers within and across teams and sparks conversation about work as well as their roles. (R.Burton, 2009)
In the process of decision-making, Googlers base their solutions on rational decisions which are justified by an objective analytical process without relying on the past experience. First and foremost the corporation makes thorough analysis and rigorous surveys to collect necessary information in order to answer most important questions. According to the executive chairman Eric Schmidt, Google approach to decision-making is fact-based:…

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