Loose leaf tea is steaming hot tea made with leaves. The leaves are loose and not in a teabag. It is known that tea made with loose leaves is much more delicious than tea made with standard teabags. It has a warm, intensive aroma and it is famous all around the world.Loose leaf tea in detail:Loose tea leaves contain chemicals and essential oils, which are needed for the delightful flavour of tea. When the tea leaves are broken up, those oils can evaporate, leaving a dull and tasteless tea. Typical tea bags are filled with the tiniest pieces of broken leaves, called fannings. Loose tea leaves are made up of whole leaves or large pieces of leaves. On top of the leaf size, there is also the space factor. Loose tea leaves have a bigger space factor, but teabags do not have a lot of space factor as they are stuck in a small teabag. There are also many types of loose leaf tea (e.g. white loose leaf tea; oolong loose leaf tea, etc). Tea leaves are grown on a tree called ‘Camellia Sinesis’. Loose leaf tea history:
As stated in the first paragraph, loose leaf tea is famous all around the world. Loose leaf tea was first popular in Britain in the seventeenth century. It is known that loose leaf tea had begun in China at around 5ooo BC. The first assert states that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when a tea leaf accidentally fell into the bowl of hot water he was drinking. The second states that Shien Non Shei, having accidentally tasted the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant, brewed it in hot water to see if it had any medicinal value.
Loose leaf tea vs tea bags:
Loose leaf tea is known to be the most renowned tea than any other. The taste and the flavour makes it so amazing. In a teabag, the fannings (tiny pieces of broken leaves) make the tea loose a bit of its flavour, but in tea made with loose leafs, the leaves are not broken, so all the flavour is still there. Tea leaves need space to…

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