How Has Cad Shaped Modern Design and How It Has Changed

How Has CAD Shaped Modern Design
And How it Has Changed
In this essay about the history of CAD I will be looking into what the first computer aided design systems were like and how it operated, I will also look at examples of how far the programme has come since the early 1950’s and in fact has it changed much at all since, to look at this I will research what CAD is used for in the 21st century and how it has affected modern design, following on from that I will have a look at how it has adapted to aid designers in their projects and what technology has been made because of CAD and what benefits they offer to companies and designers.“Engineering design probably started when an unknown caveman had an imaginative idea for making a better club with which to fend off a fellow caveman or bring home more meat for dinner. Ever since, people have attempted to create bigger and better structures and products to improve their lives.” The letters CAD stand for computer-aided design (fig.1). Designers, drafters, engineers, and artists use CAD application to make plans and development sketches. (fig.1) This is the layout of a CAD system.Before the age of the computer, sketches and designs were drafted by hand. CAD is more effective because the software records lines as vectors based on mathematical equations. Areas of the illustration can be turned, expanded, or shifted. The image as a whole will instantly modify.2. CAD software will let the user:
.Modify between two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) perspectives;
.Zoom in and out for close-up and far away perspective;
.Rotate pictures to view them from different perspectives;
.Change the scale of images: When one value changes, relevant principles are instantly modified.
.Manipulate the form of images: Modifying one part of an image instantly changes the whole image.The inventor of computer-aided design was a man called Ivan Sutherland born May 16th 1938 in Hastings,…

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