How Hitler Influenced the World

How Hitler Influenced The World
When someone thinks of an influential person, they mostly think of positive people.
Some people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Henry Ford left a lasting impact on the world and
their legacies will continue to live on into the future even after their time in the world has ended.
But someone doesn’t have to leave a positive impact on the world just to be influential, and one
of the most influential people to ever exist was Adolf Hitler. Hitler was an influential person
because he was single handedly responsible for a mass genocide and how he was well on his way
to taking over the world. Adolf Hitler was born April twentieth, eighteen eighty-nine in Austria. No, he was not
born in Germany. Despite the fact that he was intellectually advanced, more so than his
peers, he didn’t put much time into his school work because he didn’t care much for it.
In fact he even dropped out of school at the age of only sixteen years old. It was around
the same time that Austria was a socialist party, one in which the government controls
everything. Because of this there was a lot of fighting and disagreements between the
different ethnic groups, as they all competed for jobs. This is when Hitler’s hatred for
Jews first began, stemming from problems in his home country. Hitler began using Jews
as a scapegoat, blaming them for everything going wrong simple because he could. He
believed (not at the time but in the near future) that the German culture was superior to
that of any others in the world, which was a belief called nationalism. Having a hatred for
Jewswas called Anti-Semitism, which is exactly how Hitler felt (“Hitler, Adolf”). Hitler moved to Germany in 1913 and wasted no time applying for the military.
But unfortunately for him he was declared unfit to serve, and his application was
immediately denied. Luckily for him he was called back to join the military in 1914 after
World War I broke out…

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