I Am David Summary

Review – I am DavidThis novel is the story of David, who is allowed to escape from a Nazi concentration camp and makes his way across Europe to a new home in Denmark. The narrator show us that David struggles to survive and will need to be very strong.
The story begins with twelve year old David’s escape from the concentration camp, an escape assisted by a character known as “The Man”. He tells David how to watch for the right time to make his move, where to find some supplies in the nearby woods, and that he must eventually make his way to Denmark. David, not sure that the man can be trusted, but takes him at his word, and as a result gets away from the concentration camp. Along the way, he is helped by lot of people who are travelers too.
Traveling by night and resting by day, David founds his way to a small town in Italy, where he founds himself a hiding place to stay. When David was visiting the town, he really liked the church, which was beautiful but which he was afraid to enter. He is also inspired to pray for the first time in his life. One night, he heard some of the people of the town talking about him and, he got very scared that they will turn him over to “them” (the Nazis) so he flees.
At one point on his journey through Italy, David saves the life of a beautiful young girl, Maria. In gratitude, her parents take him into their home, and for a sometimes, he enjoys good food, the opportunity to read, nice clothes, and a comfortable bed. However, David again heard that the Maria’s parents was saying that he seems very strange, David again got scared that he will be returned to the Nazis so flees.
David makes his way from Italy into Switzerland, getting closer and closer to Denmark. He still meet new travelers and now, he prays. While traveling in Switzerland, he meets a woman named Sophie, who became friend with her and tells him a story of a woman from Denmark and David thinks that it’s his mother. Determined to find her, he leaves Sophie’s…

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