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My mother has always been quite a crazy character to keep up with. Whether she is telling me about attempting to beat up my sister’s boyfriend while 7 months pregnant with me, or making friends at the store, she has always taught me about staying true to yourself and not being ashamed of who you are. My mom has always been extremely open with her kids, which has helped us greatly as we have not had to find out the harsh reality of the world after we had plummeted into it.
Being my mom’s last child, I have always held a special bond with her and always loved being around her and learning about the world through her experiences and stories. She has help me realize what mistakes to not make, and what experiences I should look forward to, all the while dealing with staying true to myself and my beliefs along the way. I’ve learned nobody is perfect, in fact we are all very flawed, but I’ve learned that it is perfectly normal and it makes us who we are, as long as we continue on and learn from our mistakes.
My mother is not a perfect mom, but really, who’s mom is? I think my mom has taught me more by being real and honest with me than my shielding me from the truth of this world and the things that happen in it. Of course there are things we disagree on, and certain things I don’t like, but that’s all part of the way she is teaching me to be my own person and not just blindly follow in others footsteps.
My mom is an extremely hard headed, loud, and believes more often than not that her opinions are fact, but in the same way she is an extremely caring, loving and smart woman who is so strong for everything shes been through. I admire that she has not let her experiences turn her hard. Going through a divorce, raising 4 children of her own along with her sisters child, and putting up with things that nobody should have to deal with, all the while believing that there is still good in people is amazing, and I don’t know how she did it. She always…

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