Ibt Outline

| WU11703 : | TOEFL iBT Preparation (Internet-Based) (Intermediate) |
| Credit hours : | 2 (130 minutes) |
| Academic Year : | 2013 / 2014 |
| Semester : | Odd |
| Lecturer : | Sandra Sembel Email: [email protected] |
| Day : | Friday | Time : 13.05 – 15.20 | |
| Classroom : | FoN Comp. Lab | FLA Class Code : 4092 | |
Course Description:
* This is a preparation class for students who intend to take the official TOEFL iBT test provided by ETS (Educational Testing Service)
* This course is recommended only for students who have finished and passed the Academic Reading Skills course as prerequisite skills.General Instructional Objectives :
* Students will be familiar with the type of contents, kinds of questions, and tasks encountered in TOEFL iBT test.
* Students will improve their integrated academic skills in English, while building test-taking confidence. Specific Instructional Objectives :
* In listening, students will be able to improve their academic listening skills, which cover a whole variety of styles and topics mostly on academic situations.
* In reading, students will be able to sharpen their critical reading skills by integrating and organizing information taken either from listening excerpt or the reading pasage itself.
* In speaking, students will be able to build their confidence and improve as well their communicative skills in academic environment.
* In writing, students will be able to compose a well-developed and organized essay with correct pattern, detailed examples, correct grammar, and varied vocabulary.Teaching Learning Process:
Lecturer: Explaining, discussing, giving exercises, giving assignments, facilitating
Students: Completing in class exercises, homeworkPrerequisite:

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