Into a new world

Today I took a trip to a family farm. It was an exciting but fearful day. Being born and raised in the city, I have never gotten dirt and mud all over myself, or have been in reach distance with livestock such as chickens, pigs, and cows. As I stepped foot out of the car, I could instantly smell the unpleasant smell of manure. The stench of month old feces, it was almost like smelling death. I was welcomed by an older woman upon arrival. She looked as she were in her late fifty’s, with her short, blonde hair and thin blue glasses. She was dressed in a floral long sleeve shirt with run down jeans, finished with a pair of old, black rain boots. We greeted each other and introduced ourselves. I learned that her name was Sheryl and that she has been working on the farm for decades. After a short chat, she led me inside the farm.
From afar, I could hear a loud, cringe worthy engine that seemed it would belong to a car from the early nineteen hundreds. We made our way to a truck that was making the blaring noises. It was lined with blocks of bright yellow hay in the trunk. Sheryl told me to hop on, as it would take too long to walk to the barns. As I sit on the block of hay, I feel a discomfort slowly start to appear. The straws of hay poked through my thin leggings and itched my bottom and legs, reminding me of mosquito bites. Luckily, the thought of discomfort disappeared as I was occupied by the fascinating views. On one side, there was a large field full of bright green corn stocks, tall enough to cover everything in sight that was behind it. As I looked past the corn, I saw pops of orange pumpkin, hundreds of them, ready to be picked just in time for Halloween. On the other side, there was a line of enormous red barns, surrounded by hay. In the distance, I could see a plethora of cows and horses. As we rode further into the farm, I felt the autumn wind, which was cool and soothing. The thought of the unpleasant smell of manure disappeared with I took a deep…

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