itt criminal justice essay

At 14:32 I was dispatched to 2914 east Indiana ST Spokane, Washington, 99207report of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle belonged to Erynne M Vodee, birthdate 5/31/1977. Erynne’s phone number at home is 624-8379. She is the director of marketing at EDS (ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS) and her phone number at work is 363-1279.Mrs. Vodee states that the truck was parked in the ally behind her home and she noticed the vehicle missing around 7:30 today. Mrs. Vodee had last seen yesterday between 19:30 and 20:00. The vehicle is kept locked and the keys are stored inside her home.She described the truck as a 1981 GMC 4 wheel drive pickup. The truck is red with a lot of rust and she states it is valued at around $1,000. The vehicle was up to date on payments, insured, with no damage, drivable, and she did not give anyone permission to take it. The license plate number was DGF483. Mrs. Vodee has given permission for it to be towed if found.Mrs. Vodee has listed 2 possible suspects who she believes may have stolen the vehicle. Doug Schaust who had been stalking her at work. He is a white male about 35 years old, 5’10, and about 165lbs. Mr. Schaust works at sacred heart. She also mentioned her ex nanny whom has access to the home via a coded door lock. Her ex nanny’s name was Rachel hoover, a white female in her mid-40s, 5’3”, and about 140lbs.03003

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