Letting Women Work

Whether to Let Women Work Outside the HomeThe essay entitled “Should a Woman Work Outside The Home?,” written by Mohammed Akade Osman, discusses whether to let women work outside the home as men do. Mr. Osman seems to be against the idea of letting women work. From a religious point of view, it is morally wrong that women work outside their homes. Women are meant to do houseworks, raise children, and take a good care of their husbands. However, there are also mentioned some social problems cause by having women work outside the home, such as an increase of crime rate and divorce rate, an increase of unemployment, and less control of the children. It is implied that women cannot do men’s work because of less physical endurance that women have. I personally do not agree with the idea that women should not work outside the home causing many social problems that put children and husbands on disadvantages.
In the essay, Mr. Osman stated, from a religious point of view, that “women should stay at home and do the housework.” I personally disagree with the statement because women should be given equal rights with men and should financially be well-prepared. In my honest opinion, the ideas stated by Mr. Osman in the essay are no longer valid in this modern era. Women given equal rights with men does not mean that women should also do what men physically can do. Women have the same right to study and so is the right to work. Many women nowadays are well-educated and it would be just a waste if women just stay at home and do the housework that does not require good education. Countries worldwide have also have legally approved to give equality between men and women. Besides, we never know what the future holds. What if the husband unexpectedly died before it is time to retire? This happened to me and it would be really hard for the rest of our family if only my Mother did not have the skill to work. When the husband died, the lead of the family belongs to the wife…

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