I bet you’re sitting there thinking “that math is so stupid” and “why do we need math anyway?” am I right? Well what of I told you that the athletes you love and praise use math every day! Yep it’s true, the athletes use math for almost everything and in this essay I’ll tell you just how they use the math you learn every day at school.
Next time you are watching football and you see your favorite quarterback throw a pass completion, think about the math used in connection with completed pass. Math is used in professional football in every practice, training camp, pre-season game, and regular season game. Without math it would just be a game with men running around in tight pants with a ball. Now, let’s look at the completed pass and the math involved. The quarterback is tracked by the percentage of completions attempted and made, along with completion yards. The distance he threw the ball and which side of the field he threw the ball. In addition, to the completion percentage based on taking the snap from under center or shotgun. These football numbers are all used to develop a mathematical model of the quarterback, for statistical comparison with other quarterbacks. The receiver who caught the pass is judged on the number of passes thrown to him and the number of catches. He is also judged on the number yards he gains after the catch and areas that he catches the passes. Just like the quarterback these pigskin numbers are all used to develop a mathematical model of the receiver, for statistical comparison with other receivers now let’s move on shall weNow Let’s look at other math used in professional football. The team who scores the most points wins, true. However the better team of the field may not be the winning team, because luck does prevail in football like other sports. Statistically a team can run all over the other team and lose. For example: Team A: Passing Yards – 375, Rushing Yards – 135, Kick Off Return Yards – 73, Quarterback Completion 22…

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