Marketing Management

Masters in Business AdministrationMarketing ManagementA Case StudyOf“Ito-Yokado Co.,”(Convenience Store Retailing)I. Statement of the problem
This case study discusses the meteorological rise of a convenience store chain, seven-eleven Japan in the Japanese retail store business. We will analyze the factors responsible for the phenomenal success of the company in the retail business, with a supply chain perspective. The main aim of this analysis is to identify the supply chain strategy of the company and underlying combination of its performance drivers which have led to the best balance of efficiency/responsiveness trade-off for the company. The purpose of the case study is to determine the Channel institution positioning, targeting, profitability dynamics of Seven-Eleven Japan Company within the rising truth of Seven-Eleven as a leading convenience store chain as it can be within Japanese retail business functions. Below is to identify the problem of this case:
– store assortments the increased productivity of inventories and store space within consumer interface
– replenishment upon optimizing time and cost in Seven-Eleven replenishment system
– efficient promotion in maximizing total system efficiency of trade and consumer promotion
– product introduction reflect effectiveness of new product development and introduction activities
Definition of Terms:
Ito-Yokado – (Kabushiki-gaisha Ito Yokado?) is a Japanese general merchandise store, part of Seven & I Holdings Co. There are 174 Ito-Yokado stores operating in Japan.
May 1972 – Ito first approached the Southland Corporation about the possibility of opening Seven-Eleven convenience stores in Japan
May 1973 – was founded and ilcense agreement was accepted by the American owned Southerland Company
May 1974 – Seven-Eleven Japan set up its first store in Koto-ku, Tokyo.
Masatoshi Ito – founded Seven-Eleven Japan…

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