Mice of Men

Lennie is one of the characters in the book Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck. Lennie is a grown man with a 4 year old mind. In this book there are two guys going to a farm for work. The driver said they were close to the farm, but they weren’t so they had to walk about four miles to where they met the boss and the boss’s son Curly. Lennie is a hard worker and not very smart.
First of all, Lennie is the best worker that anyone had ever seen. After meeting Curley and the boss, Lennie and George went to the bunk house where they would be sleeping. When the boss and Lennie and George were talking Curly asked George, “why won’t you let the big guy talk?” (Steinbeck 23). George replied, “He might not be the brightest one but he is a hell of a good worker the best any one has seen”. This quote shows that he is a hard worker because he does what he is told. Most importantly, he does his work well. “We kind of look after each other (George said), he aint bright, But he’s a hell of a good worker (Steinbeck 34). This quote shows that Lennie might be dumb as hell but he works hard and does what he is told to. Lennie is a character who is strong and big, but stupid and as dumfounded as a 4 year old.
Lennie gets in trouble throughout the book making poor choices. George was quoted as saying “He’s dumb as hell but he aint stupid”. (Steinbeck 39). This means that he may not be as smart as a normal man, but he knows what he is doing. Another example of Lennie not being smart was when he said, “Tell me about the rabbits, George.” (Steinbeck 36). This quote shows that Lennie is not smart because that is all that he can remember. In conclusion, he is only smart enough to remember what he isn’t supposed than what he is supposed to remember.
Lennie is a good worker but also very dumb. How he was stupid and always got him and George in trouble. Despite him not being very smart and always in trouble, he was a good worker.

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