Movement Principle of Energy Saving Ball Mill

Ball Mill is a kind of grinding equipment, which is generally used in ore dressing process. After having crushed by crushed, materials will be sent to ball mill machine for grinding. In the energy strain, more and more high price of all kinds of energy, resources objective conditions, power energy, as the main part, undoubtedly caused high costs for the operation of ball mill ( the user-units of ball mill need to use a considerable amount of electricity ). Energy-saving ball mill is to use roller to drive big roller and then happen friction to do wheel transmission way, namely we need to put a bearing in the center of four roller, and then connection way is to use the output shaft of gearbox to drive center axis of roller, thus depend on the principle of multistage speed of reducer”s input and output shaft-gearbox, shaft-roller, big roller circle. Only this, we not only ensure the normal operation of ball grinding mill, but also save 50% electricity use. In order to reduce the pressure of nervous state power, at the same time, in order to reduce operation cost of user-unit using ball mill, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., LTD, one of famous ball mill manufacturers in China, research and produce energy-saving ball mill by several years” study and advice and information feedback which users of energy saving ball mill provide. Through practice operation and long-term work, this kind of ball mill has a good economic effect, in other words, if we use the ball mills, we can reduce the cost of electricity about 50%. ([email protected]) Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., LTD. is a professional machinery manufacture company of large, medium-sized crusher machine, sand making machine, ball mill machine and supporting the machine of its system. Fote Machinery has got recognition performance which can make customer satisfaction through years of hard work and struggle, but this only shows that in the past. In the future, we will work with the service concept of more integrity and…

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