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There are 8 roles which make up a successful team
One person might fill more than one role.
Monito –Evaluator
Resource investigator
Company worker
Team worker
The finisher
4 ways of measuring team performance
Individual contribution to the team
Individual results from team work
Team performance- Look at team dynamics how well the team works together
Team results
Teams set performance indicators – this is a way of setting a measurable target. This could be the output or product of the team.What is this and why is it importantCohesive team work together.
Roles are clearly defined .
Lack of cohesion results from
Poorly defined goals
High turnover of team members or absenteeism
Little opportunity to make progress
Your contribution is not recognised
Weak / authoritarian leadership
Internal challenges to leadership
Fire fighting because of lack of planning ahead
Members without the required skills
When we initially discussed how we would assign the roles within the business, we all agreed that it would be fair to spread the responsibilities equally and so therefore decided that each member would be equal in the business and that we would not each have specific roles. Once deciding on which team roles brought out our strengths, we were appointed different tasks to complete to achieve our first objectives of the business which included market research, starting up our and contanting other business to see whether they would be interested in working with us.
Team Workers can be indecisive in group decisions torn between the welfare of members and the ability of the team to deliver. The team worker is a very supportive member of the team, they are very team orientated and is concerned about how the other members in the team are progressive, team workers are able to negotiate and help the team progress.
The Resource Investigator is a strong communicator, good at negotiating with people outside the team and gathering…

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