no child left behind

“Why No Child Left Behind Is Important to America.” 
Frederick, M.H., Chester E. F. Jr. (2007). No remedy left behind: lessons from a half decade of NCLB. Blue Ridge Summit, PA: National Book Network.This source is an analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act. It objectively analyzes how the No Child Left Behind Act works, the improvement and progress it has made, and also the problems it has caused.  It gives arguments that state why the No Child Left Behind Act is working and why it is creating problems. This source will be of good use in understanding the problems and benefits of the No Child Left Behind Act.Rodes, J. H. (2012). An education in politics: the origins and evolution of No Child Left Behind. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. This source shows the political perspective of the No Child Left Behind Act. It displays the transition from President George Bush to President Barack Obama, showing what George Bush initially did, and what Barack Obama is doing or will do with the No Child Left Behind Act. This book also explains the political history of the Act, how it passed, the reasons for its passing, and the way it affected the education system, in the political aspect. The source is useful because it considers the political aspect, showing how the Act was passed, what its initial intention was, and how it will develop in the future.Webley, Kayla. (January, 23, 2012). Why It’s Time to Replace No Child Left Behind Time. 179(3), 40-44.This article is completely against the No Child Left Behind Act, and gives various arguments to support its position on the Act. The source states some important reasons why the No Child Left Behind Act should be replaced. The article states that the bad outruns the good, and it explains why it this Act is so bad, and what changes need to be made. This article will help this research by explaining why it is not working, and it will let me see the arguments against the No Child Left Behind ActWilcox, Ella….

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