Non Violence the Most Potent Weapon

“Nonviolence: the most potent weapon.” Is violence the answer? Is violence stronger than words? Can we obtain our goals by using violence and force? No, no, and no violence is not a strong weapon. Under many circumstances it can be very influential but it can never overcome nor can it surpass the strength of nonviolence. Nonviolence is the strongest way to deal with issues and situations because when you deal with situations with violence the situation can get extremely heated and can escalate to a level that leads only to destruction.
There are many examples in history that prove nonviolence is the most potent weapon, look at the countless previous wars. Look how much damage was done, just imagine if the people of the earlier societies would have just sat down and discussed and resolved their issues so many tears, so much bloodshed could have been prevented. Compared to violence nonviolence is always the better option. It may not always be the easier choice but it will ALWAYS be the wiser choice. There is a an old mentality passed down through generations along with all the good ones this bad one was passed along as well, the idea of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. One can get pleasure by applying this theory they will feel as if they got even but in all honesty where does taking these matters into your own hands leave you as a person? Does it make you any better than the person who had committed the crime against you? Society really needs to understand the biggest changes that were made in society were made using tactics involving nonviolence. Examples of people who used nonviolent tactics to make a change in the world are the great Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagwan Mahaveer, John Dear, Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King, and Martin Luther King Jr…
Without Mahatma Gandhi’s countless sacrifices and peaceful efforts India would not be where it is today. The willingness Mahatma Gandhi and his fellow advocates of peace to go to prison many times…

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