obama bites

TTH 11:10I. This is a table of different belief systems and ideologies that exist in the world.
a. It kind of tells a tale of America’s history and possible future.
b. Pass out hand out and briefly over view Anarchy, Libertarianism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and Totalitarianism.
c. When you here a fact that sounds like it may fit on one side or the other just put a mark there, and by the end you should have a better idea of where Barrack Hussein Obama’s ideals really lie, no pun intended.
II. Love him / Hate him
a. In my class survey’s 47% of you said yes you would enroll in Obama care, even though 9 people out of 19 simply don’t know much about it.
b. 3.4% or 8 out of 19 people believe that the Affordable health care plan will ultimately not have a negative effect on Americans. This is not true, and I will show you why.
III. President Obama is a president who wants to weaken America by means of Big government, which is, government policies that attempt to regulate matters otherwise considered to be private or personal, such as education, food and health care. I will prove to you how true this is by:
A. Showing you who gave him his real values and beliefs
B. How they don’t comply with those of America’s founding fathers
C. How these ideologies are finally being manifested in his Health care plan where the people and both sides of the government are finally taking notice.
I. Who were Obama’s mentorsa. You need to know that a brief 10 minute outline could not possible do the facts I am about to give you justice. I will just be touching the surface. I encourage you to check it out your self
b. Frank Marshall Davis is not only Barrack Obama’s closest mentor he is also his real father.
1. You can find this info in a book by Joel Gilbert called Dreams of my real Father.
2. List Frank’s un American nature.
3. Neither the alleged father Barack Sr. nor Frank is a father that an American President should have the dreams of.

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