Personal Statement Example

My decision to study Criminological Psychology with Policing studies at university is due to my fascination behind why people behave in the way they do even if they are viewed by society as immoral. Henry Thomas Buckle once said that “Society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it”. I am particularly interested in learning about how society can impact on those who commit crime as well as the psychological perspectives on criminal behaviour. I sincerely hope that I will be able to begin exploring the depth of the subject, furthering my interest and fascination in understanding violence and the victims involved. In addition, I feel that by studying policing, it will give me a great insight into the ways in which the police work to deal with crime on a daily basis.
I have always been intrigued to understand exactly why criminals commit acts of indecency and how key experiences in an individual’s life can have severe impacts upon the way they live. By studying Criminology, it will give me a further understanding of the causes of the behaviours, both socially and mentally. I am currently reading an absorbing book by Ronnie Lippens aimed towards those who have an interest in crime, which has provided me with an amazing insight into what the course would offer. Furthermore, having known a number of individuals who have suffered from mental illness, I further appreciate the complexity of these conditions and therefore want to develop my understanding of certain behaviours which can lead to them act incongruously in modern day life.
I am currently studying for three A levels in Business Studies, Psychology and English Literature. I genuinely enjoy all of them, especially Psychology. I enjoy writing essays, a skill that is required in all, and feel that I would be able to apply it well to the course. I also enjoy presenting my ideas to others around me in the form of presentations or group discussions. In addition, psychology has enabled me to greatly develop my…

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