Peyton Manning

My choice for this project is Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos. I
chose Peyton Manning because he is a great role model for upcoming players to follow. He born
March 24 1976 in New Orleans, La to former NFL player Archie Manning and Olivia Manning.
He is the brother of current New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and Cooper Manning.
Peyton is married to Ashley Manning and has twins by the name of Mosley and Marshall.
Growing up Peyton played three different sports. He played basketball, baseball, and
football. He wasn’t allowed to play football until age seven. His father didn’t want to push him
or his brothers to have to live up to his legacy or see them get hurt in any community leagues.
Once he made it to high school, he was the starting quarterback by his sophomore year at Isidore
Newman. His brother Cooper, who was a senior at the time was the starting wide receiver that
year. Together they set multiple high school records and led their team to the Louisiana state
Peyton didn’t really have too many obstacles to overcome to obtain his success. His main
obstacle was when his brother Cooper was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which ended his
football career before it got started. Peyton a junior in high school took the news very hard. His
words were, “I take every practice now as my last one. Coopers conditions has also helped me
define my priorities: Faith, Family, and Education come first. It taught me to appreciate life and
to realize, hey, there’s more to life than football.” He overcame this obstacle by going to college
and continuing to play football wearing his brothers number 18 in honor of Cooper. He said, “I
feel like is with me every game. I think the experience bought us closer together.”
Education was so important to Peyton. He had the chance to go to college at OLE MISS
where his father Archie went to school and where his brother Cooper was going to go to
college. He turned it…

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