Pharmacist Role in Healthcare

Pharmacy Health care profession
Health is a word very known but it carries a lot of complications and troubles. According to the WHO, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely absence of any illness. Health care system depends upon a health care team. A health care team is the group of community who contribute to a common health goal and common objectives determined by community needs. Although community pharmacist is of key importance in providing better health care the patient, in India, Pharmacist has no any recognition in the health care system as compare to other well-established countries. The community pharmacist can take part in health promotion campaigns, locally and nationally, on a wide range of drug related and health related topics. A community pharmacist involvement could play an important role in the following areas of health care. Pharmacists are dynamic, patient-oriented professionals committed to fulfilling the health care needs of their patients. Pharmacy is a profession that is expanding in new directions to meet the health care needs. There is a movement amongst pharmacists beyond the traditional compounding and dispensing of medication, towards a more professional advisory and primary health care role. A modern-day pharmacist can be trained in providing the knowledge concerning: 1. Optimal drug therapy for patients with a focus on drug interactions and potential side effects 2. Counseling on various disease conditions 3. Education and promotion of the general health of the public 4. Information on immunization. World over pharmacist is one of the important member of the health-team including clinical research. If Indian pharmacist is not fulfilling this role, then he should be appropriately trained and be oriented as a health-care provider to the vast rural population. He can be used intelligently as an alternative manpower towards the sacred goals of: 1. as a communicator 2. as a quality drug…

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