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Personal accountability is a trait that is sorely lacking and urgently needed in the work place and across society as a whole. It is a vital that we discontinue the shadowing of this crucial trait as well as setting the improvement of personal accountability to the top of our list of goals pertaining to constant self-improvement. One must choose to accept accountability and own your success at work and in life. It was brought to my attention that personal accountability is a trait that I need to improve on. The need for reflection, recognition, and correction is necessary in response to the number of critical mistakes I have made and how I have dealt with them recently. I am grateful that this issue was brought to my attention now (early on, during the learning stages in my professional/personal life), rather than later on in my professional/personal life (where a few crucial mistakes would have a vastly detrimental affect on the outcome of my career). The notification of this discrepancy early in my career has given me the opportunity to recognize the source of the hindrance, allowing me to intervene before the incidents grow in size and severity (like a cancer), making a full recovery nearly impossible. It’s also allowed me to begin making corrections in the areas that I lack skill/experience and need immediate improvement. Because of the mistakes I have made, the impact of these discrepancies on the mission as well as the impact on my superiors and peers, not to mention how I responded to these issues over the last few weeks; I was given the assignment of writing an essay that focused on personal accountability. This assignment has given me a reason to research and understand what the definition of personal accountability truly is, why it is important, what the trait encompasses, in addition to strategies and steps that can be taken to improve ones self in this skillset. Personal accountability is not just a mindset, It’s a skillset that…

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