Professional Regulations and Criminal Liability

Professional Regulations and Criminal Liability
Loretta Rosario-Ellison
HCS 430
April 21, 2014
C. Darnell Stroble, Esq.
Professional Regulations and Criminal Liability
In every state, there are medical professionals on a regulation or committee board. This paper will discuss some vital issues that are pretentious by regulation of the health professional in the State of Kentucky. The issues of discussions are to identify the process of civil complaints for patients or consumers to use in the event of suspected professional misconduct or incompetence, to explain the role of the respective regulatory agencies in investigating allegations and determining as well as applying any appropriate disciplinary action, to identify potential criminal liabilities for the health care professional that relate to abuses perpetrated in practices involving these procedures, as well as professional misconduct, the appropriate risk management strategies and quality assurance programs to reduce the risk of liability and negligence, and the process to follow in the event that criminal charges were filed for the described criminal behavior.
The first aspect of discussion is the civil complaint process. According to the State of States: Physicians Regulations (2009), “state agencies dedicated to upholding high standards for medical practice, medical boards seek to fulfill their mandate of public protection through collaborative, national efforts and innovative work at the state level. In the medical profession, there are various state boards that get administered in health-related professional in the state of Kentucky. The different Kentucky state boards are: the Board of Behavioral Science, Medical Board of Kentucky, Dental Board of Kentucky, Board of Registered Nursing, and the Physical Therapy Board. “State medical boards are well-known in the health care community as the state entities which issue licenses to physicians or discipline those who step outside the…

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