Raisin in the Sun

Maranique Dean
September 16th, 2013
ENG 119/16S
A Fireside Chat
Number #5
An atmosphere of gloom bombarded me as I strutted abreast into the dreadful building. The abundant air overcastted me alleviating my distresses, knowing that finally my problems would be solved. Unfortunately this was not the case as that day the lines were wrapped around the building clearly displaying the shortage of staff. As I approached the customer service center, an obviously annoyed lady stood behind the glass shrieking “Next!!!!!” Giving a verbal account of my situation, I was then rudely interrupted; she stated “Sweetie that’s way above my pay-grade, and besides I am about to go to lunch, so sounds like you need to find someone to help you with your problem.” Due to the below-standard, negative work affiliation of the average Bahamian, it has been concluded that the majority of persons tend to have a poor work ethic. In the text, “A Fireside Chat” written by Sir Lynden Pindling, he urges Bahamians to take pride in their work and to do it to the best of their ability. Many Bahamians display poor work skills because of their complacent mindset, their inadequate workmanship and their dependency upon the government and others around them.
Why is it that expatriates or guest workers emigrate from all over the world come to The Bahamas to work on our major sites and even in our schools? Why does the government feel like the work cannot be executed by the Bahamian people? Apparently, it is because they have poor work ethnic that is a resultant of their complacent mindset. The complaints we often hear include, “Bahamians refuse to stay on jobs for substantial lengths of time; Bahamians are not consistent or dedicated workers; Bahamians work ethnics are poor, showing up to work late and leaving early” said Brent Symonette during his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration. The statuesque of the work force is slowly diminishing as people are constantly being…

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