Reaction paper

N-word reaction paper
Throughout the centuries, the N-word has built up its meaning in a very negative way. This word has been thrown around, whether it is to bring another African American down or even a white using it with a friend. Now and days the N-word is tossed around in our society just because people think that because times have changed that it is now acceptable to say this word but that is far from what is right.
Many people over look the meaning to this word just because slavery has ended or that racism isn’t as bad anymore but that also doesn’t mean that there is not a history that comes along with this word. A history that many people had struggled through and a history that a lot of African Americans do not want to be reminded of. During a class discussion one of my piers made a statement that “it’s best if whites just don’t say the word at all” Along with that statement I also believe that if us whites aren’t allowed to say the word then neither should African Americans. Yes it is unbelievably wrong when whites go around calling other whites the N-word and it would be even more horrible if it were said to an African American. But if an African American gets offended by this word, and then goes and says it whether it is in a rap song, or to one another, they are disrespecting their ancestors, and being very hypercritical. Even for most African Americans it doesn’t matter weather you pronounce it with an “a” or an “er” it is never appropriate. And I think that is something that everyone should respect. Quoted by Robin Lakoff he said, “When young black people call each other ‘nigga’, instead of ‘nigger’, they’re merely writing a new chapter in the African American re-naming tradition”. Which is basically saying when African Americans say it is ok to call others ‘niggas’ with an ‘a’ then get offended when others say it to them its just not right, and they’re doing it to themselves.
I always see African American people on MTV going around…

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