Reasons for the Ball Mill Oil Leakage

There is another reason for the ball mill oil leakage, that is when the opening of the ball mill front (rear) tile accelerator is relatively large, the oil sprout quantity will be increased. So the oil will drop from the orifice to the hollow shaft and then splash out of the oil slinger and leak out from the felt oil seal. And the ball mill solution is that turning down the accelerator properly to decrease the sprout oil mass. When adjust the accelerator, it should be done by the experienced people. As in case the accelerator is turned down undersize, the lubricant oil quantity of the bearing will be insufficient and the friction force will be increased which makes the main bearing set temperature rises. Once the phenomenon can’t be dealt with, the main bearing will be burnt up.In the Ball Mill operation, there is fixed factors such as: the ore hardness, the particle size after cracking, the bar grizzly sieve pore, the ball mill model, and the ball mill steel ball quality. As those factors are established in the early stage of the Ball Mill Design and ball mill technology. It is common phenomenon that nowadays may mineral selecting factory has problems of unreasonable ball mill design, improperBall Mill Equipment installation, or unqualified ball mill quality. Following is the presentation of those factors: The ball mill installation is a centric, and the gearing mesh between the gearwheel and pinion deviate. The ball mill speed reducer gear in the transmission part has sand hole. After the ball mill equipment is installed and in operation, the gear wear problem appears. The ball mill model: different ball mill types can satisfy different ball mill products technology demands. This factor must be considered and chosen carefully when making ball mill design. The points which can embody the ball mill operator manipulation skills are whether they can master the daily modulatory main ball mill technical parameters and grinding mills with high efficiency. The main…

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