Regulatory and Compliance

Phase 2
Joe’s Ethical Dilemma
Luis Perez
Colorado Tech UniversityINTD670-1401A-06 Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making
Joseph Keller
January 20, 2014

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Joe’s Ethical Dilemma
Throughout all the meeting Joe had with Bill, he was invited along with his family far an outing on his yacht. The ethical issue in this situation is that Joe is working with Bill to renew the contract between both businesses and he has to decide whether to accept the invitation. Joe’s respond to Bill’s invitation is to not to accept the invitation until the business at hand complete. If he accepts the invitation while talks are still happening, it could damage the business relationship that they built. This could be a crucial part of their relationship if he informs Bill he’s not going to his yacht with no explanation. Even though Joe has been at his yacht in the past, he needs to consider that there is business that needs attention and ask is this invitation is for business or a personal invitation.
At times, it could be difficult to distinguish personal and business matters however; it should be common sense to deny the invitation until they could resolve the contract. The renewal of the contract is the most important thing to consider and Joe’s career is at stake with UWEAR. With all the possibilities that could happen, the focus needs to be on the contract, the business at hand and then the personal relationship with Bill.
Ethical Theories
I believe that not just one ethical theory is involved here but a few. In Joe’s and Bill’s case, one of them stands out and it’s the utilitarian theory. This theory focuses on promoting good outcomes in a situation and maintains a desirable balance with the parties involved and in this situation, it would the stakeholders. In business, the stakeholder is considered to be a business ethical theory but…