Successful Interviewing
Successfully managing the interview is a critical step in getting any job. The interview provides the employer with an opportunity to get to know you and more importantly the skills you have to contribute to the organization. Although interviews are naturally anxietyproducing, there are many strategies that will help you manage the situation effectively. There is no set formula for predicting the format of an interview since the organization’s priorities and interviewer styles vary. The best preparation is to know yourself well enough that you are able to concretely describe yourself in the interview context.Before the Interview: Know Yourself
The best preparation is to know yourself: your skills and abilities, your talents and your values. Begin by taking the time to assess yourself. • • Think of 5-7 skills or qualities that you possess that you would use to describe yourself. You may be asked, ‘‘What three words would you use to describe yourself.’’ If you are, you have a set of five from which to choose. Look at the job description and the requirements of the job. What skills do you have that directly match the position? If they are looking for someone with teamwork or leadership skills and you have developed those skills, then you will want to emphasize that in the interview. Take some time to think about your past. How did you develop the skills you have. What did you do in high school or in college that made you who you are today? Did you learn teamwork from sports? Did you learn the value of practice from mastering a musical instrument? Did you learn problem solving through jobs you held. Finally, look over your resume and see if your resume adequately includes words and descriptions that will convey your skills to an employer.Write outlines for your answers to anticipated questions, then rehearse them out loud for practice. This can increase your confidence.••Before the Interview: Know the Company
Before each interview,…

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