Healthcare Finale
This article was about the tedious decisions of health care. This was definitely a very good article because health care is a new issue due to the government trying to make sure everyone has health insurance. I think that this is a very thoughtful and huge issue to focus on. The articles throws out there about the cost of health insurance but I see that as an excuse. The United States can make way more money than it does now if they focus on important things such as preventing violence and promoting positivity instead of all the calamity such as our soldiers going to war. We deny people who are sick of getting health insurance but we pay so many tax dollars to fly our soldiers across seas to most of the time lose their lives. So tell me where the stated premises come in. Another point covered in the article is “Obamacare” or the Affordable Care Act. So many people see this as failure or something to hurt the United States citizens but in actuality it is giving people another chance at life. But it is truly obvious that the only class that matters is the upper class.
I believe that the author was very inductive with this issue because you have to research, study, survey and look at the outcome of the insurance for everyone works. I don’t think this argument has no room to be deductive because it needs all the support and concrete solid evidence to pass and make something become legitimate. I believe that everyone is entitle to health care yet no one else believes so when you are in the lower to middle class.

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