Rising cost of higher education

It Cost to be the Boss: The Rising Cost of Higher Education
With employment on the rise, many people returning to school and are finding that the cost of getting a college degree have greatly increased throughout the years. With the skyrocketing cost and the student loan debt growing, people are wondering if going back and getting a degree is worth it. The principle object of this paper is to explore some reasoning’s behind the increasing price tag of higher educational institutes, also explaining the difference between two and four-year colleges and the comparison between for-profit and non-profit institutions. Making sure that going to college is the right decision; this paper will also provide some of the worst, along with some of the best reasons for starting or returning to college. Once you decide to enroll into college, this paper will also show you different ways to cut or keep the cost down; and will also discuss the question of college education being more or less valuable than having actual job experience and the salary for an employee with a degree compared to just having a high school diploma.
Keywords: skyrocketing cost, for-profit, non-profit, employment It cost to be the boss: The rising cost of higher education
In the recent years, unemployment has been on the rise, making it hard for people to survive. Instead of turning to a life of crime (which is never a good thing), many adults are practicing what they preach to their children and are returning to school. Many of them are returning for plenty of reasons such as: they dropped out and need to finally earn their degree, get a promotion at work in order to get a better paying salary, job security, or just starting because a high school diploma just was not going to work for them anymore. However, as you put in the applications for colleges, you cannot help to notice and cringe at the higher price tag that comes with getting…

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