Chemical Substances | Source |
Nicotine | Cigarette Smoke |
Tobacco tar | Smoking Snuff |
Acid | Acid Rain |
Carcinogen | Radiation |
Sulphur & Nitrogen Monoxide | Factories |
Carbon Monoxide | Vehicles Fumes |
Haze | Open Burning |
Hydrogen Chloride
Ammonia & Hydrogen Cyanide
Burning of Plastic Materials
| Burning of Plastic Materials |
Substances Harmful To The Respiratory System
Substances Harmful To The Respiratory System
Harmful Effect On The Respiratory System
Harmful Effect On The Respiratory System
* Causes addiction.
* Causes Illness such as bronchitis, throat cancer and lung cancer.Tobacco tar
* Blackens the lungs and cause them less efficient.
* Damage alveolus cells.
* Causes lung cancer.Acid
* Corrodes lung cells.
* Causes illness such as coughing, asthma, bronchitis.Carcinogen
* Stimulates the growth of cancer cells, causing lung cancer and throat cancer.Acidic gas from factories
* Damage breathing channel and lungs.Vehicle fumes
* Reduce the ability of blood to transport oxygen and cause death due to severe cases.Haze
* Damages lungs.Burning of plastic materials
* Corrodes the breathing channel.Emphysema
* It happens as a result of abnormal growth in the cells that lines the tiny air channels in the lungs causing these channels to become blocked. * This growth cause’s carbon dioxide trapped in alveolus and causes the alveolus to burst. * Bursting of the alveolus cannot be repaired. Diseases Affecting The Respiratory System
Diseases Affecting The Respiratory System Bronchitis
* Bronchitis is inflammation of the epithelium (cell layer) of the bronchus caused by fine particles that float in the air that are mostly found in cigarette smoke. * Bronchitis can be divided into two categories :-
* Acute
* Chronic * Acute bronchitis is characterized by the…

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